Corporate Environment

Services_Corp_EnvCorporate Environment photography must always produce high-end quality images that positively reflect the industry you operate in. They sharpen your corporate image and should accurately portray the quality of your business. I will creatively capture the atmosphere of your company, corporate or dress down friendly. This may be within your meeting rooms, work areas or on location. Working to your brief or on my own initiative you can have confidence I will work considerately and sensitively with your staff.




Corporate Portraiture

Services_Corp_Port2Corporate Portraiture is usually divided into two separate areas. Head-shots and Individual Portraiture. Head-shots are where I arrive with my lighting and backdrops if needed to set up a temporary studio so there’s no need for your staff to travel to an external studio and lose time from their working day. I have photographed hundreds of staff in a day usually for company internal use, though the quality is superb and can be used for PR, Web or Print.

Portraits require a different approach to bring out the personality of the sitter. It boils down to the amount of time given to each sitter, possibly setting up for each session in different office or location. Using a variety of backgrounds and more dramatic lighting, these shots are usually taken for a specific reason, often magazine articles, front covers and annual reports.

Pack Shots and Still Life

Services_Corp_PackThe difference between pack shots and still life comes down to time. Pack shots may be one shot or hundreds but are usually simple in nature, placed on plain backgrounds or ‘cut-out’ from the background. Great skill is required to do pack shots well, selecting the correct lens, angle of view and perfect lighting. Due to the simple nature of the composition it is possible to rapidly photograph many different products after initial set up.

Still life shots are usually taken to a very strict brief often overseen by the designer or art director. It may take a day to get the correct result and may require set building to prepare the background. Still life refers to studio photography but cars, trucks and motorcycles are often photographed on location with the same attention to detail as studio photography.

Photography for Web

Services_Corp_WebPhotography for web is initially the same as any other photography but the post production of the files will make it easier to post on your web site. This can be done by me or left to your web design team. Pack-shots used for web catalogues are an increasing area of corporate sales. Where hundreds or even large products are to be photographed it is usually more convenient and efficient if I set up a temporary studio at your premisses. This could be for any time period depending on the number of products.



Retouching & Manipulation

Services_Corp_RetRetouching & Manipulation are very general terms to describe how photography can be enhanced to benefit your business. Architectural photography of your building will require the removing of telegraph poles and wires, road signs even rubbish skips placed in inappropriate locations. Road marking and oil spots once removed can produced a clean uncluttered photograph of your premisses that reflects better the quality of your building.

Effects such as posterisation reduce tonal detail and produce stunning results perfect for graphic applications such as imagery for website, brochure and annual reports. Most head-shots and portraits also receive an small amount of facial retouching to soften the line of a face.


I am a creative business working and understanding the needs of corporate clients, willing to constantly evolve to answer the growing demand to make your business stand out. I use top of the range photographic equipment & lighting set ups. I supply the photos you have paid to be taken on digital media for you to use as you decide, whenever you want to use them at no extra cost.

I believe in being completely transparent about fees:

• Day rate: £400 plus vat (8 hours max).
• Half Day rate: £225  plus vat (4 hours max).
• Hourly rate: £60 plus vat.
• Mileage Charge £0.40 per mile.
• Parking charges at cost.
• Congestion Charge at cost.
• Computer manipulation at £30 per hour.

Should you have any questions or enquiries,  please do not hesitate to get in touch to find out if Paul Howard Photography can benefit your company.